Ever since the Raspberry Pi came out, I’ve been wanting to create some kind of game machine with it, but never got to it. So, just before christmas, my uncle gave me a spare Rasbperry Pi he had, and I decided to make something cool with it, and so the idea of making an arcade cabinet was born. I’m not the greatest sprite artist, but I was lucky, as a while ago, I bought the Humble YoYo-bundle, which contained the pro version of GameMaker:Studio, and the source code to a couple of games. Game Maker was actually the program that got me into programming, a lot of years ago (back then it was on version 7 and didn’t even support sprites with alpha channels)

Image courtesy of bitrebels.com

As I don’t have the budget to create a fully-sized arcade cabinet, I’ll be making a small, desktop-sized cabinet. For this I’ll be using components that are as cheap as possible (Oh aliexpress, where would I be without you…) to keep the cost low. As of now, I’ve spent about €70 on electrical components excluding the raspberry pi, but including a 7” screen, amplifier, LED-strip and speakers.

So, the game I’m creating is a personal adaptation of Super Crate Box by Vlambeer, of which I got the assets in the Humble YoYo-bundle. When the project is done, I’ll release the source code, but for copyright reasons I won’t be releasing any art assets. Programming is done for a big part already, and the game is written in C++ using SDL 2 as its graphics library and WiringPi for the GPIO interface. I haven’t yet figured out what sound API to use, but if (IF) I get SDL Mixer to work it’ll probably be that. Right now 2 out of the 3 maps, 4 out of 10 and 2 out of the 3 enemies have been implemented, so a lot of work has been done, but also a lot has already been done already.